Choral Risers - TransFoldTM

TransFold is ready to go wherever your choir performs. Built-in wheels make it easy to roll the TransFold unit from the classroom to the auditorium or up stairways and on to a bus or van. Upon arrival at the performance venue, your TransFold risers set up in seconds, so that they will be ready when you are. Midwest's exclusive, gas-spring assisted design allows the unit to open with moderate foot pressure, taking the strain out of set up. This also ensures a safe, controlled motion when folding the unit for transportation and storage.

For more information please email or call 800-621-4716.
  • Built-in wheels
  • Gas-spring assisted opens with moderate foot pressure
  • Easily transported and stored

To fold the unit for transportation and storage, activate the upright lock release and gently push the unit horizontally. The gas spring cylinder assures a safe controlled motion.

Drop-in couplings securely connect all units to prevent accidental movement during the performance.


  Model No Detail Size
W x L x H
Wt Lbs
72" TransFold Unit TFR72 3 level 72" x 55" x 24" 167
  TFA72 Add-On Step 78" x 18" x 32" 59
72" Reverse Taper
TFSR72 to be used between (2) TFR72
TFSR72 3 level 72" x 55" x 24" 167
  TFSA72 Add-On Step 60" x 18" x 32" 59
48" TransFold Unit TFR48 3 level 48" x 55" x 24" 137
  TFA48 Add-On Step 54" x 18" x 32" 49
Back Rail
For use with 3 level risers
TFB72 For Use with TFR72 70" x 42" 42
  TFB48 For Use with TFR48 46" x 42" 32
  TFSB72 For Use with TFSR72 54" x 42" 37
Back Rail
For use with add-on step
TFB72-4 For Use with TFA72 70" x 42" 42
  TFB48-4 For Use with TFA48 46" x 42" 32
  TFSB72-4 For Use with TFSA72 54" x 42" 37
Side Rail TFS54 Pair 52" x 55½" 39

Back and side rails must be ordered separately

Carpet Colors

Charcoal Grey


Pewter Gray

Skirting Colors





Black Metal Finish
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Set Up

Step 1: Roll Unit
Roll unit to an area with a hard, flat floor. (Warning: Should only be set up and used on a hard flat surface.)

Step 2: Grasp and Lift
Grasp the edge of the top deck with both hands and lift up while pulling towards you. This will unfold the unit. (Caution: Do not place hands along hinged areas.)

Step 3: Position Unit
Lay the unit flat on the floor with all three decks roughly parallel to one another. The carpeted side should be up.

Step 4: Rise Unit
Locate the wheeled end of the rise and its leg assembly. Apply foot pressure to the leg assembly unit until it begins to rise on its own. The unit should continue to rise until it is fully upright and locked. (Important: Make sure that you hear an audible "click," indicating that the automatic lock has engaged.)

Coupling with Additional Units

Step 1: Position
Set up the units involved and position them roughly in the desired arrangement.

Step 2: Lift and Place
Life one riser and place it over the coupling bracket of the adjacent unit.

Step 3: Secure
Make sure the first and third levels are resting secure on the coupling brackets of the adjacent unit.

Installing Back Rail

Step 1: Locking Bracket
Install each post by hooking the locking bracket around a riser leg then swinging the clamp down. Wheels should face inward.

Step 2: Back Rails
Install back rails by inserting the posts into the back rail assembly until the automatic snap-lock engages.

Folding for Transport

Step 1: Back Rails
Remove the installed back rails. Separate the riser unit from adjacent units.

Step 2: Secure Sliding
Place right foot under the wheel bracket to prevent the unit from sliding.

Step 3: Grasp Frame
Grasp the lock release, located under the left end of the top deck (3rd level), with the fingers of your left hand.

Step 4: Grasp Frame
Place right hand on the frame. Labels on the riser unit show recommended placement.

Step 5: Release Lock
While pulling out on the lock release, push the deck toward the right with your right hand until the unit folds to the floor.

Step 6: Fold Together
Move to the front of the unit and grasp the front edge of the lower deck with both hands. Lift the edge and allow the decks to fold together.

Riser Dimensions and Capacities

Unit Type Dimensions Capacities 1 Section 2 Sections 3 Sections 4 Sections 5 Sections 6 Sections
72" Wide
3 Levels
Width x Depth 6'-0" x 4'-8" 11'-10" x 5'-5" 17'-5" x 6'-1" 22'-6" x 7'-6" 27'-0" x 8'-9" 30'-10" x 10'-9"
Group Capacity 12-16 24-32 36-48 48-64 60-80 72-96
78" Wide
4 Levels
Width x Depth 6'-6" x 6'-2" 12'-10" x 7'-0" 18'-10" x 7'-7" 24'-5" x 9'-2" 29'-3" x 10'-4" 33'-5" x 12'-4"
Group Capacity 16-21 32-42 48-63 64-84 80-105 96-126
48" Wide
3 Levels
Width x Depth 4'-0" x 4'-8" 7'-11" x 5'-1" 11'-7" x 5'-5" 15'-0" x 6'-3" 18'-0" x 6'-11" 20'-7" x 8'-0"
Group Capacity 8-12 16-24 24-36 32-48 40-60 48-72
54" Wide
4 Levels
Width x Depth 4'-6" x 6'-2" 8'-11" x 6'-8" 13'-1" x 7'-0" 16'-11" x 7'-10" 20'-3" x 8'-6" 23'-2" x 9'-8"
Group Capacity 11-16 25-36 36-52 47-68 58-84 69-100

Capacities include a row of singers on the floor. The capacity numbers shown above reflect the number of high school students that will fit standing shoulder to shoulder, as well as the number that will fit if standing with shoulders overlapping.