Choral Risers - Standing

Modular design allows the flexibility to vary the number of levels to suit the specific needs of each performance. Heavy-duty plywood core deck construction is reinforced by a 16 gauge steel channel frame. Legs of 1.05" diameter, 14 gauge steel tubing are braced with spring-bolt locks to support the heaviest loads with complete safety. Units fold for compact storage and are conveniently sorted and transported on double tier caddies.

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  • Varied number of levels to suit specific needs
  • Heavy-duty plywood core deck
  • 14 gauge steel tubing legs
  • Units fold for compact storage
  • Easily transported on double tier caddies

Straight Folding

  Model No Size
W x L x H
Wt Lbs
Hardboard Deck
RSR08H 18" x 96" x 8" 60
RSR16H 18" x 96" x 16" 67
RSR24H 18" x 96" x 24" 72
RSR32H 18" x 96" x 32" 75
Carpet Deck
RSR08C 18" x 96" x 8" 56
RSR16C 18" x 96" x 16" 64
RSR24C 18" x 96" x 24" 68
RSR32C 18" x 96" x 32" 72
Safety Notice: Units 16" or higher must be ganged to another unit for stability

Tapered Folding

  Model No Size
A x B x H
Wt Lbs

Hardboard Deck

RTR08H 54" x 60" x 8" 39
RTR16H 60" x 66" x 16" 47
RTR24H 66" x 72" x 24" 53
RTR32H 72" x 78" x 32" 59

Carpet Deck

RTR08C 54" x 60" x 8" 37
RTR16C 60" x 66" x 16" 45
RTR24C 66" x 72" x 24" 51
RTR32C 72" x 78" x 32" 56
Safety Notice: Units 16" or higher must be ganged to another unit for stability


  Model No Size
L x H
Wt Lbs Use With
Straight Folding Back Rails
BRS24 94⅜" x 66¼ 53 RSR24
BRS32 94⅜" x 94¼" 54 RSR32
Tapered Folding Back Rails
BRT24 70⅜" x 66¼" 39 RTR24
BRT32 76⅜" x 94¼" 42 RTR32

  Model No Type Wt Lbs

Sloping Guard Rails
for straight and tapered risers

GR2 2 level 11
GR3 3 level 12
GR4 4 level 15
Installation requires drilling the steps

  Model No Size
L x W
Wt Lbs
  VT ⅝" wide (sold by foot) 0

Carpet Colors

Charcoal Grey

Ebony Black

Twilight Blue

Mushroom Tan

Pewter Gray

Deck Finishes


Skirting Colors





Shirred Skirting

Black Metal Finish
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Model No Size
W x L x H
Wt Lbs Capacity
REC 32" x 50" x 45" 49 24

Set Up

Step 1: Set Up
Set up risers in roughly the final layout, leaving some space between each level.

Step 2: Connect
Move the two tallest units close to each other, then connect the shorter level to the leg hooks of the taller level. (Be sure to center the hook along the notch provided in the underside of the frame as shown in the next step.)

Step 3: Center Leg Hooks
Without turning the riser over, look under the shorter level and locate the notched sections on the rear portion of the frame. Center the leg hooks in the notched sections of the frame. If the leg hooks are not centered, assembly may be more difficult.

Step 4: Connector/Receiver
Pick up the connector and lift and rotate it into position over the receiver. Drop the connector onto its receiver. Repeat for the opposite leg. Important: The connector should drop completely onto its receiver. If it does not drop into place easily, see step 5. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.
Step 5: Align Properly
If the connector does not drop easily onto the receiver, the connector and receiver may not be properly aligned. As long as the risers are centered as shown in step 3, a simple adjustment may need to be performed:
  • If the connector seems "too long," lift the front edge of the lower riser."
  • If the connector seems "too short," lift the front edge of the upper riser.
  • Step 6: Align Properly
    Lift and rotate the connectors for the first level into place. Drop the connectors onto the receivers. If they do not drop into place easily, use the adjustment procedure in Step 5.

    Step 7: Secure
    Make sure all connectors are securely attached to their receivers. The finished riser set should look like the one shown above.

    Music Stands

    Music Stands
    Model No Quantity/Capacity Description WT LBS
    KB95E1 Single Orchestra Stand 12
    KB95E2 Two Pack Orchestra Stand 23
    KB95E6 Six Pack Orchestra Stand 72
    KB300A Single Conductor's Stand 19
    KB100 Holds 24 KB95E Music Stand Cart and Hand Assembly 23