CTL Series Training Tables

CTL Series Training/Seminar Tables are available in six different models with your choice of 5/8” particleboard core or 3/4” thick plywood core.  CTL Series was designed to provide maximum user comfort and feature cantilever style legs.  This series provides improved comfort, increased seating capacity, enhanced appearance and long-term durability.  The CTL Series features a spring bolt locking brace, which holds table legs open or closed.  This Series exhibits a sleek and professional exterior with a wide range of standard or custom high-pressure decorative laminate tabletops and black or brown vinyl bull nose moldings.   

For more information please email info@midwestfolding.com or call 800-621-4716.
  • High pressure plastic laminate surface with vinyl edge
  • 5/8" particleboard core or 3/4" plywood
  • Black metal finish standard
  • Folding cantilever legs
  • Stores on edge with TEC caddy

Cantilever Panel T Leg Training - Fixed Height

W x L x H
Plywood Core
Wt Lbs Laminate
Particle Board
Wt Lbs
18" x 60" x 29" CTL185EF 49 CTL185F 54
18" x 72" x 29" CTL186EF 54 CTL186F 60
18" x 96" x 29" CTL188EF 65 CTL188F 71
24" x 60" x 29" CTL245EF 56 CTL245F 63
24" x 72" x 29" CTL246EF 57 CTL246F 72
24" x 96" x 29" CTL248EF 70 CTL248F 86
Standard Laminates
Wood Grain

Fusion Maple (7909-60)

J Bannister Oak (7806-60)

Wild Cherry (7054-60)

Nepal Teak (7209-60)

F Figured Mahogany (7040-60)

W Walnut (W313A-60)


Q Grey Glace (4142-60)

Grey Nebula (4622-60)

Mystique Night (4760-60)


B Black

S Brown

Black Metal Finish